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Pham Van Son

The Country Coordinator

Pham Van Son, Vietnam Country Coordinator

Biography: born and grew up in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.


  • 23 years of working in prevention and emergency response to environmental pollution incidents; pollution management; environmental restoration
  • Supervised localization and cleanup of more than 200 oil spills
  • Has been a trainer, speaker, jury member in more than 450 skill training workshops and drills at the national, provincial, and local levels; 

Responsibilities:  Program Coordination in Vietnam.

Based in: Ha Noi, Vietnam

EHPMI Member Organization

Vietnam Environmental Incident Response Center (SOS)

Vietnam Environmental Incident Response Center (SOS)

Vietnam Environmental Incident Response Center (SOS) was founded in 2018. SOS Center has a nationwide network of oil spill response stations with trained staff, vehicles, specialized equipment and materials to ensure timely and effective response to pollution incidents in Vietnam.

By the end of 2023 SOS Center has conducted cleanups and responded to more than 300 incidents. SOS Center has organized more than 600 trainings, drills on oil spill cleanups  and response to environmental incidents at the national level ( in coordination with the National Search and Rescue Committee, Vietnam Administration of Sea and Islands, Vietnam Coast Guard, and Vietnam Border Guard); provincial level (more than 40 provinces); and local level (more than 600 state-owned and private organizations.

SOS Center conducts R&D and manufactures more than 120 specialized products for the prevention &response to environmental incidents; pollution cleanup and environmental restoration. All products and technological solutions designed by SOS Center meet the specific technical needs of the practical response activities in Vietnam and are very cost-effective.

SOS Center is always eager to:

  • exchange experience on environmental incidents response and pollution treatment practices via workshops, conferences, training courses.
  • supply specialized equipment and materials for the proactive prevention, emergency response to environmental incidents, pollution cleanup, and environmental restoration.
  • implement/engage/cooperate in projects on environmental incident response and pollution cleanup.