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Mission and goals

Our mission is to protect health of people from toxic pollutants. In many countries millions of people live in highly contaminated areas and are exposed to multiple pollutants. In most cases people do not even know the sources of their illnesses and what is poisoning them every day. In industrial towns people breathe polluted air, inhale contaminated dust, and drink unsafe water. In rural areas people are poisoned by old and new pesticides that are found in soil, water and food. In some places people are exposed to high doses of undetected radiation. In all cases children suffer the most from exposure to toxic pollutants.

These problems are most severe in low- and middle-income countries that lack resources and expertise to protect health of people.

Our goals:

  • To introduce and implement in every country sustainable solutions to decrease and eliminate contact of people with toxic substances
  • To decrease environmental pollution and particularly emission of toxic and persistent substances that affect people’s health
  • To promote awareness of decision makers and society about the health risks of persistent environmental pollutants.