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Vardan Karyan

Armenia Environmental Monitoring Officer



  • BS in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Yerevan State University (2004)
  • MS in Biochemistry, Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University (2010)

Vardan has work experience in Environmental Impact Monitoring, Chemical Production, Food Safety, Drug Analysis, and Agrochemistry. He received international training in “Environmental Protection of International Rivers Basins”, “Biological monitoring of river water quality”, “Different chemical analytical methods, and the exploitation of different types of laboratory equipment”, “Spatial Ecotoxicology and Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment”, and “Specialty Plant Nutrition.”

Vardan participated in different international and national projects, including: Monitoring of River Water Quality (ENPI, UNDP-GEF, EUWI+) since 2012; The Toxic Sites Identification Program, Regional Rapid Marketplace Screenings (“Pure Earth/Blacksmith”) since 2019.

Vardan currently holds the position of Head of Soil, Sediment and Hydrobiological Monitoring Services at the “Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center” SNCO, ensuring the management and implementation of Monitoring Programs of soil pollution, assessment of surface water ecological status by hydrobiological indicators, and other field observations.

Based at: Yerevan, Armenia.