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Petr Sharov



Biography: born and grew up in Artem, a small town close to Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. 


  • BS in Environmental Science and Regional Planning, Washington State University (Pullman, WA, 1999); 
  • MS in Ecology, Far Eastern National University (Vladivostok, Primorye, 2000), 
  • MS in Environmental Science, University of Idaho (Moscow, ID, 2002);
  • In 2006 at the Far Eastern National University successfully defended Doctorate Thesis “Assessment of Lead Poisoning Risk of Children in Rudnaya Pristan, Primorsky Krai”. Author of over 40 scientific publications, including two monographs. 

At different times from 1999 to 2006 worked at the Terragraphics Environmental Engineering, Wild Salmon Center, and World Wildlife Fund. Founder and leader of environmental NGO “Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund” (2002-2012). In 2010-2022 worked for Blacksmith Institute Pure Earth as Projects Coordinator, Regional Director, and Senior Director. Part-time Associate Professor at the Far Eastern National University since 2003. 

Responsibilities: Leadership, development and coordination of all programs, working with partners.

Based at: Artem, frequently travelling for project work.