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Aelita Sargsyan

Armenia Country Coordinator, Director of Research


Biography: born and grew up in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.


  • MD in General Medicine, Yerevan State Medical University (Yerevan, Armenia, 2004); 
  • MD in Medical Laboratory Diagnostics, National Institute of Health (Yerevan, Armenia, 2006);
  • Master’s in Public Health, American University of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia, 2013);
  • PhD candidate in Pollution, Toxicology and Environmental Health, University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain, expected in 2025).

Aelita Sargsyan is a Medical doctor and Public health specialist by her background. Her Masters project in American University of Armenia (AUA) was on effect of heavy metals on reproductive health of women leaving in a smelter area in Armenia. Currently she is a doctoral student of Doctoral Programme in Pollution, Toxicology and Environmental Health at University of Valencia.

During 2005-2014 worked in different medical laboratories in various medical centers of Yerevan. After graduation from the American University worked as Healthcare Project Coordinator. Since 2018 works for Blacksmith Institute / Pure Earth as Country Coordinator for Armenia. Currently part-time Research Associate for the Center for Health Service Research and Development in Turpanjian College of Health Sciences at the American University of Armenia. 

Taking care of the environment and environmental health is crucial if humans want to survive and thrive on Earth.

Responsibilities: Program Coordination in Armenia, Research.

Based at: Yerevan, Armenia.